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JohnsonMiller , 12-24-2018, 11:30 AM
Hi Guys,

I am going to design and add title block to my design schematic pages; I was wondering which information I should put in that block? I have seen some table so simple, like Altium's default, and some so complicated that take much of sheet space. What do you recommend?

Paul van Avesaath , 12-26-2018, 01:06 PM
Keep it as simple as you need.. Go for title of the page, project name, page numbering, engineer, some logo of the company.. That's all you need basically
JohnsonMiller , 12-27-2018, 02:13 AM
Thank you Paul,

I saw some that include a small revision history, second and third engineers who double checked the design. Do you recommend it?
Is there any sample title block design available somewhere?

Paul van Avesaath , 12-27-2018, 02:20 AM
You said basic 😉 but yeah if I Chek my own. I have a few more parameters. Project numbers, revision numbers, sheets size, architect, designer, engineer date of latest change, original date, folder location. Address of the company..

At the moment I am on vacation in portogal, but will have a look if I have some schematics on my phone..
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