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copy component placement

ican7 , 11-25-2016, 06:37 AM
I try to copy a component placement from a reference design in to mine but when I update the pcb , Altium keeps spoiling the copied placement although the designators are the same with both pcb components and in the schematic. What else is missing?
robertferanec , 11-25-2016, 06:53 AM
What do you mean by "spoiling"? Depends how you have got the schematic and placement. In some cases you may need to link the components in PCB together with the components in Schematic.Go to PCB then Project -> Component links.
ican7 , 11-26-2016, 01:51 PM
Hi Robert I meant that Altium changed the component placement as soon as I performed the update from the schematic. I managed to solve the problem though. The mistake I made was that I created the schematic of the reference design and added all the footprints beforehand and then I decided not to layout the reference design myself and copied component placement which resulted duplicated components on the pcb along with the schematic components I have created. Altium designer then wired all the extra added components together messing up the placement. So after I realised that I deleted all the extra components from the pcb and deleted the footprints from the schematic and that solved the issue. By the way I couldn't use the component links you mentioned. Do you have any video describing how that works? I didn't quite understand how it functions.
robertferanec , 11-28-2016, 09:31 AM
I do not have any video how ti works, but basically, in the left bottom part of the Component Link window you can select the rule which will specify which Footprints and Schematic symbols will be linked together. Normally, I check all the three (this means, Footprint and Schematic symbol must have same: Designator AND Comment AND Footprint - this means, then Altium will link these two together as one component).

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