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Altium Designer 17

mairomaster , 11-21-2016, 06:04 AM
Hi guys,

Altium Designer 17 has been released a few days ago. Here is a summary of the new features:

The changes log is quite long, but here I've listed the changes that are most interesting/useful to me (the list doesn't include some of the entirely new features from above):

9649 Improved PCB STEP with new option to export as a single part or as one model (BC:5582).
9653 Fixed a bug causing zoom and scroll commands to behave incorrectly in a CAM document after importing Gerber files.
10127 Improved trace quality with addition of a new gloss command for use on selected tracks.
10338 Improved Primitives Clearances with the addition of an Add Hole constraint (BC:5744).
10341 Improved Un-routed net rule with new option to 'Check for incomplete connections' (BC:1119).
10357 Improved Parallel Segment rule checks to exclude Diff Pairs.
11403 Improved Interactive routing to include the display of Net Class info in the Head's Up Display and the ability to swap to opposite route point while multi-routing and diff pair routing.
11425 Improved "Select Next" feature in PCB to be extended to apply when multiple traces are selected.
11446 Users can now swap to the opposite route point for Multi-Route and Diff Pair Route.
11915 Fixed a layer sequence inconsistency between Layer Stackup and ODB++.
11919 Improved SCH component parameters, so they now synchronize with PCB footprints (BC:477).
11970 Improved ECO performance by optimizing the speed of Import Changes during the initial import on large designs.
11996 Fixed a bug that caused the scrollbar for the PCB panel to work incorrectly.
12092 Improved Smart copper editing to include options for merging and subtracting polygons, as well as the addition of improved editing (BC:1295).
12240 Improved Cross Select Mode now allows selection of various types of object and can be configured through the Preferences dialog.
12252 Improved routing with a new constraint for checking Hole to Primitives Clearances.
12310 Improved Polygon Pour to include a new constraint for checking Hole to Primitives Clearances.
12374 Improved software speed while using the PCB panel for object selection.
13082 Fixed a bug causing AD to lag while routing in 'Hug n Push Obstacles' mode.
13671 Improved the performance of multi-part components.
13769 Improved the method to modify/edit/finish polygon borders (BC:1031).
13807 Improved No Connect in Polygon Style settings by adding a field for Air Gap value (BC:1804).

I have AD17 installed already and I had a quick run testing some of the new features. I haven't had the time for more in-depth tests yet. I think the new version brings some nice improvement over 16. However, many people on the Altium forum report countless bugs every day - it will probably take a few months until most of them get fixed. AD17 is a separate installation, so make sure you still keep AD16 (or whatever older version you use) and stick working with it, until they improve 17 and make it usable and reliable.
robertferanec , 11-24-2016, 09:10 AM
Thank you very much @mairomaster

I saw demo about the polygons, that looked to me interesting. They keep working with the polygons, so I am curious what will be new this time.

They have a lot of videos about the new features on their official youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AltiumOfficial/videos

mairomaster , 11-24-2016, 11:17 AM
I quite like the new polygon editing options. It's handy to be able to merge two or more polygons into one. Also it's easier now to edit the polygon's shape.
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