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Error Checking in Project Options.

mnpebm , 05-19-2016, 08:42 AM
Regarding error checking (project options): Does anyone check for "one-pin nets" as being an error.

I do because I don't know how else I will know if a net label that was supposed to go to another IC is in fact connected to that IC?

In other words, did I actually use the Net Label on the second (or third IC)?

I bring this up because many of us use Net Labels to help identify key routes in layout.

Hope this made some sense.

robertferanec , 05-19-2016, 08:53 AM
Hello @mnpebm. I do not really check for one-pin nets, because we have a schematic checking procedure. I need to be sure where every pin in the schematic is connected. So, by the end of schematic design we always go through every pin and every net. Here is an example how we do it: Do you check your schematic the same way?
mairomaster , 05-19-2016, 09:39 AM
I normally set it to display a warning. I think it helps if you happen to miss to connect something, forgot a net label, etc.
Sometime I need to put net labels to single pins (just to be aware of where they are in the layout for example). In such cases I put a No-DRC directive to those pins, so that Altium is not reporting a warning for them.
mnpebm , 05-19-2016, 09:44 AM
Excellent! Seems like I can learn something from both posts. Thank you.
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