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Altium Subscription & Altium 365 (2023)

ErikAltium , 05-15-2023, 08:56 AM
Hi all,

We've been using Altium now for about 3 years, with multiple subscriptions.
We're using Altium 365 a lot, because we have multiple designers working on the same designs. Sharing of designs using the A365 functions is very easy and keeping track of changes/history is great. Also sharing a design (using snapshots) with clients is a great feature.

Now, our subscriptions are ending and we need to think about the best way forward.

For me, it is unclear what functions will be available and what functions are not if we do not extend our subscription.
We're a small company and the cost of the yearly subscription is quite significant, so we're looking into the optimum solution.

For example, we're perfectly fine if we do not receive updates for a few years. But sharing designs using A365 is something we would like to keep.
Does anyone know if it is possible to work with Altium, e.g. settle for Version 23, accept to not have updates but still be able to use the A365 workspace?
robertferanec , 05-20-2023, 12:49 AM
The best is to talk to your Altium supplier / representative / support. I think they have two kind of subscription - cheaper and more expensive. What exactly works if you do no pay subscription, I am not sure (even if something works today, it doesn't mean it will work in couple of years).

PS: Everyone learns this lesson. Once I used to work in a middle size company and I have seen how much pain it was to go through a software change. Since then, when I am selecting software or features for my own company I am always super careful do not get trapped. That is the main reason why in my company I do not use A365 features even they are very tempting. However, friend of mine loves A365 even there are extra expenses, but he can easily check work of subcontractors which is more valuable than the subscription. So, you just need to consider if all the benefits are more valuable than the subscription fees.

I believe, Altium is moving towards cloud. It will be like any other cloud services, more you use them, harder or impossible will be to leave them.
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