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Altium DRC Clearance Constraint Collision

nick38 , 01-10-2023, 07:09 AM
I'm having the following errors on all the components of my PCB "Clearance Constraint Collision" but I have no idea what it means and how to fix this. I tried lots of different combinations in the Clearance section of the Design Rules but it never goes away. I also copied the same Clearance values from another similar project and it still wont go away. Any idea what this means and how to fix it?

robertferanec , 01-10-2023, 09:31 AM
You may need to setup basic clearance rule, looks like default. This video may help you: https://youtu.be/f7GP6NZs0Ok
nick38 , 01-10-2023, 02:53 PM
It doesnt matter what value I put in the clearance. I've tried 0mm, 10mm and it always show the same error. I'm not even sure what it means. The only thing that I see that changes is the diameter of the circle, but what does it mean?

This is how I have the clearances set up:

nick38 , 01-10-2023, 02:57 PM
What I did notice is that the violation only happends when the component is on the board. If I put the component outside of the board it goes away... 🤔
nick38 , 01-10-2023, 04:25 PM
I found the solution but I dont understand why this happend. What I noticed is that in the "3D Layout Mode" the PCB was missing, yes like it didn't exist. So after a long time playing with lots of options I noticed that when I go to the "Board Planning Mode" it said "Layer Stack Region 1 - NO STACK!" so I double clicked on the board and a new window popped up called "Board Region" I clicked OK and on the PCB now it says "Layer Stack Region 1 - Board Layer Stack". Now when I go into the 3D view the PCB shows up and all the clearence problems are gone.
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