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Load Robert Feranec's preferred parameter settings

p.keijzer@tudelft.nl , 07-07-2022, 09:21 AM
I had just worked through Robert's 4 tutorials adapting several settings when I was given a new PC with a new Altium installation.
So I have to do all of them again. Luckily I had seen it coming and it wont be the last time because we change an aquire new PC's quite often here.
So I have written down all of the setting changes including time coords and the 5 mouse clicks deep navigation down the selection trees to get to the parameter which is to be changed.

Here is the list for Tutorial 1 for Altium Beginners Schematic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpgTud1iQ-4

minute 00:20 Project/Project Options/Class Generation/(Uncheck Rooms & Component classes)
minute 09:23 Preferences/Data management/ Parts Providers/( USA & Digikey)
minute 14:48 Preferences/System/Mouse Wheel Conf/( Uncheck Zoom Main Window CTL)
minute 15:13 Preferences/Schematic/Graphical Editing/(Uncheck Enable Auto Pan)
minute 15:35 Preferences/PCB Editor/General/(Uncheck Enable Auto Pan)
minute 16:24 Preferences/Schematic/Grids/Grid Color/Standard/(Choose Grid visible in gray)
minute 21:08 Preferences/Data Management/Part Providers/(Uncheck Supplier part number)
minute 40:03 Curtomize ribbon. With place net label. ! caution: drop on the right height between the others. (Don’t loose it or reinit the ribbon)

I tried to write down what to click in what order separated with slashes. Not specifying weather it's a tab, a scroll menu option, a tag, nor where it is to be found on the screen and which mouse button needs to be used for the click. So this is still far from perfect.

These settings are very nice to have.
It would be very useful if we could import these and those from the other 3 tutorials into our fresh installations with a few mouseclicks.

qdrives , 07-07-2022, 02:01 PM
Altium allows you to save and restore the settings to a file.
The other thing is that the preference should match your own preferences.
robertferanec , 07-09-2022, 03:34 AM
@p.keijzer@tudelft.nl thank you very much for putting this together
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