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About the keyboard shortcut to display cursor coordinates and violations

mulfycrowh , 06-13-2022, 02:11 PM
Hi everyone,

What is the keyboard shortcut to display this small rectangular panel following the mouse cursor and displaying coordinates and violations as well ?

qdrives , 06-13-2022, 04:18 PM
You mean the "heads up display"?
View / Board Insight / Toggle Heads Up Display --> Shift-H.
Then again "Heads (Up)" is mentioned twice here: https://www.altium.com/documentation...-release-notes (22.5.1 for those that visit it with newer releases).
mulfycrowh , 06-14-2022, 12:34 AM
I asked the question because I was not sure about the shortcut.
I tried shift H (the box is checked in View > Board Insight) but the Head Up Display doesn't show up.
mulfycrowh , 06-14-2022, 12:35 AM
Suddenly it shows up ...
I do not understand how it runs
mulfycrowh , 06-14-2022, 04:02 AM
When I quit Altium and run it again, the Head Up Display doesn't show up anymore.
Any idea ?
qdrives , 06-14-2022, 12:55 PM
I had similar problems with it. Reset the origin???
Update Altium???
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