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About an issue with AD 21 while importing libraries from SamacSys

mulfycrowh , 03-07-2022, 03:28 AM
Hi everyone,

I always have an error about a script (stops on breakpoint) while I try to import schematic and pcb libraries from Mouser website.
I am able to save the libraries but I didn't find the way to get rid of this error.
I have to end the ask by using Ctrl + Alt + Del.

I didn't have this issue with AD 19.

Perhaps you do also have the same issue.
Thanks a lot.
qdrives , 03-07-2022, 09:49 AM
In AD21/AD22 some script functions no longer work properly. I know that StrUpper() always returns an empty string.
However, stopping on breakpoint is correct behavior, and should not require the use of ctrl-alt-delete (for calling task manager? - Crtl-shift-esc!)
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