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About Sheet Numbering

thieplevn , 01-07-2022, 05:14 AM
Hi everyone,

I am using Altium 21.9.2,

In my project, Sheet number is start from 1, not start from 0. For Document number, we can set it start from 0, but for the Sheet number i don't see it.

So how can I set the Sheet number to start from 0 ?

Best regards
Hiep Le
robertferanec , 01-10-2022, 01:14 AM
Can you attach some screenshots?
thieplevn , 01-10-2022, 01:47 AM
Sure, Robert,

As you see in 2 pictures,

At Auto sheet number, i don't see where can set the sheet number start from 0,

And at Auto document number anotate, in parameter, i can set it start from 0.

So can you guide me ?

Thanks a lot
qdrives , 01-10-2022, 08:36 PM
You can change the sheet number value manually. At least with the schematic sheet.
robertferanec , 01-14-2022, 06:53 AM
I am thinking, is document number visible somewhere? Is not mostly used to determine order of the documents? It's been a long time I played with that numbers.
qdrives , 01-14-2022, 02:04 PM
@robertferanec Altium has some 'parameters' that are used very little. Take the height parameter with a footprint. You would think that you could export it with a BOM or pick-n-place file. Think again.
The document number may be used for some as their quality system requires it.
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