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How to tune length for an SD Card Interface

mseaborn , 11-04-2021, 11:42 AM
I’m having a difficult time completing Lesson 5 of the FEDEVEL Advance PCB Layout Course. I’m trying to complete the following activity,

“Spreading and cleaning the layout
Length match the signals of SD3 Interface. Make the clock and command signals a little bit longer. After that, spread the signals of this interface and other signals which are close to this group. Keep bigger gap around clocks. Try to make the layout to look nice”

Can someone please explain how to set up the rules for length matching an SD Card interface. Thanks in advance, Marshall Seaborn

mseaborn , 11-04-2021, 08:33 PM
Never mind about this. I was able to find the answer after doing a little research. "Interactive Length Tuning" and "Interactive Diff Pair Length Tuning" tools are used to perform single-ended and differential length tuning respectively along with their Properties dialog which is accessed by using <Tab> while the command is active.
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