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Acquiring Number of Soldering Points information in Altium

vijay , 08-01-2021, 03:13 AM

I am quite new to Altium and I have designed a gate driver for (SIC) Board. I want to give the board to a PCB assembler who will do hand soldering. So, I wanted to know if there is way to find the number of SMD and through hole soldering points in a PCB designed?. I want to check that, because the PCB assembler is saying the cost depends on number of soldering points (SMD and Through hole). So I want to know how many SMD and Through hole soldering points are there (separately). Is there any way to get that information in Altium?, however I can check them physically on board, but I wanted to know if it cab be done easily and quickly?.

Thank you

Vijaymahantesh V Surkod
WhoKnewKnows , 08-01-2021, 07:42 AM
I don't know how to get Altium to tell you this, perhaps there's a way? However, if you want to know the cost, usually you can present the design output to the contract manufacturer and they provide an estimated cost to you.
qdrives , 08-03-2021, 05:43 PM
From the PCB goto Reports / Board Information.
Select Layer information and click report.
The report list the pads on top (SMD), bottom (SMD) and multiplayer (through hole).
Do note that strictly speaking not all pads need soldering (fiducials, mounting holes, etc.), but that are often not that many.
robertferanec , 08-05-2021, 02:23 AM
It may also be possible to use right click on a through hole pad -> Find Similar Objects and select SAME in Layer (Multilayer). Then in the Properties panel on the bottom you will see number of selected objects. Also, you can use PCB List panel to see these selected pads and check them one by one.
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