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Generate PCB file from Gerber data, without drill details

ak52 , 08-10-2020, 02:46 AM
Hello Everyone ,

I am trying to generate the PCB file from the existing gerber , so that i can make some changes.
I came across this video:

So i know its possible to generate the PCB file, my problem is that i do not have the NC drill files in my existing gerber.Is it possible to generate the drill details automatically.
The gerber files consist of the following:
Top,Bottom,Top-Mask layer,Bottom mask layer,Board outline,and silkscreen top -> .gbr
Slikscreen top -> .gto
qdrives , 08-10-2020, 03:07 PM
No, you cannot automatically generate drill data from the gerber.
You can modify the gerbers stand alone, but still would need the drill file to actually build the board.
If you want to reverse engineer a layout from gerbers, you can import it into altium. Then you place your components and add the via's.
The amount of work may be more than doing it directly, using the gerbers only as a reference.
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