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JohnsonMiller , 05-04-2020, 02:43 AM
Hi Guys,

I want to generate PDF of individual layer of PCB, but I can not find any setting in outjobs!
Do we have an automated method to do it, or have to print the GERBER mask data?

Lakshmi , 05-04-2020, 04:08 AM
JohnsonMiller , 05-04-2020, 05:13 AM
@Lakshmi , thank you for the link; but what I need is a sperate print page per PCB layer, the smart PDF generate a stacked print, not helping in this case.
robertferanec , 05-04-2020, 09:03 AM
Maybe this will give you an idea how to do it: Altium Designer Tutorial - Printing https://youtu.be/kPv3-zWlzms
robertferanec , 05-07-2020, 07:23 AM
@JohnsonMiller did you find out how to do that? I remembered, this can also help: https://youtu.be/W21dORx5ceI?t=781
JohnsonMiller , 05-07-2020, 10:30 AM
@robertferanec , thank you for the reply, I saw both videos. The second is more close to what I need, but in the end I am looking for something automated. Suppose a 16 layer PCB, how much effort we should put to tune the prints in outjob. I guess it should be available in the menus or by a selection in SmartPDF, what you say?
robertferanec , 05-08-2020, 08:24 AM
You can always use the same Job file and copy it between projects. What may need to be adjusted is the bottom layer.

PS: Or at least I do not know how to automatically link the prints to BOTTOM layer - I am not sure if there is feature like that. Anyone knows?
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