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Conditional Variant!

JohnsonMiller , 04-30-2020, 02:21 AM
Hi Guys,

Suppose in a variant setting you have decided to do not populate an IC, definitely, all other related components, such as filter and bypass caps, will be DNP as main components. Can we set this sort of conditional variant setting in Altium? If possible, we should be able to set an attribute to a main component then all related components will get that attribute as well.

robertferanec , 05-01-2020, 02:49 AM
Hmm, I have not seen or needed anything like that. I am not sure if there is a direct support for that.

But maybe have a look at Unions (select the components, right click -> Unions -> Create Union from selected objects). Once you create Union, you can select all components in union, then right click on a component, select Part Actions -> Variants.

That should only list the selected components (this will work even without unions, unions will only help you select all components in union by simple way - just right click on a component in union, then Unions -> Select All in Union ).
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