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Altium Designer Manufacturer part search notworking

AXCNBZ , 10-28-2019, 09:47 PM
I opened a new project or library. I get a ciiva error when I try to use this tool

Anatoliy , 10-29-2019, 12:58 AM
Contact Altium support, and make sure you have the right setting enabled in setup system preferences=>system=>network activity
AXCNBZ , 10-29-2019, 01:03 AM
I checked the settings, but it did not work (AD17-18-19 NOT WORKİNG)
Anatoliy , 10-29-2019, 02:00 AM
strange to hear it is not working for you, i had a trial period and it was working fine for me, unfortunately i only have access to standalone license on isolated network. try contacting altium support.
good luck!
AXCNBZ , 10-29-2019, 03:26 AM
thanks you
robertferanec , 10-31-2019, 09:39 AM
Should work - maybe something is not properly installed or enabled? I would try to check also the plugins and extensions - especially double check "Component From Supplier Search" extension

AXCNBZ , 10-31-2019, 12:32 PM
I have the same ones as you. I installed on a few different computers I did not work on the computers I installed I will try to find a different solution when I find it in this post say...
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