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28Pins - Question for Manufacturing Section & Gold Finish PCB 3D Models

xforce , 05-11-2020, 08:37 AM
Hi Robert,

I hope you ( or somebody) can answer me, I have 3 doubts:

(1) When you generate PDF schematic documentation: Why did you hide and then unhide the value/symbol <<NF>>

(2) To Add assembly drawing layer:
If we learnt to create a footprint with mechanical 29 layer for assembly... Why did you use/say mechanical 30 is ASM bottom?.
I don't understand how does altium know mechanical 30 is bottom and mechanical 29 is top.

(3) And, How to do the 3D model use Gold PCB Finish? This "Gold" are more expensive to make a PCB ?

Thanks You
robertferanec , 05-12-2020, 11:19 AM
1) When printing Variants, Altium will put there NF automatically (so NF would be there twice or not in correct positions if I would not hide it)
2) You need to create Layer Pair - that is how Altium knows, one is TOP and other BOTTOM. When you are creating layer pair, you specify the second layer there.
3) Just leave color of unmasked copper yellow (that is default, so default it should look like gold). Yes, it is more expensive.
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