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x86 Custom Board Design – How long it takes?

I am always curious to see some statistics from projects I have done. As I book all my hours into a system, it’s not very difficult to prepare some interesting graphs. Here they are ….

“Once you have got your prototype you are only on half of the way to get your product.”

What is so interesting on these graphs?
  • PCB Layout takes 1/3 of Prototype design
  • The non design work (Testing, debugging, emails, manufacturing, documentation) takes another 1/3 of time
  • Once you have got your prototype (Schematic + Libraries + PCB), you still have a lot of work to do. You have actually done only 63% of prototype design and you are only on half of the way to get your product!

Note: All these data are based on a real project, a high density and highly customized x86 board very different from the reference circuit.
How long an x86 Custom board development takes
x86 prototype design - how long it takes