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Will This Make Hardware Design Easier? | With Kyle Dumont

Many features useful for hardware design engineers – see schematic & PCB, project history, differences between versions, track issues, manage reviews, … I really like what allspice.io is doing and I talked to Kyle Dumont about their system.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 01:52Creating an issue or a todo item
  • 05:36Preparing project on our local PC
  • 08:51Making changes in schematic, design review process
  • 18:15Making changes in PCB
  • 25:59Making changes in libraries
  • 35:22Releasing a board
  • 37:25Working on previous versions
  • 42:06Creating documentation
  • 45:32Project history
  • 47:04Pricing & how allspice can be useful
  • 49:39Project view
  • 52:32How to start using it
  • 53:53Importing project
  • 55:37Mirroring your project back to git