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Which USB Has The Best Power? Big differences ...

Explained: USB 2 vs. USB 3 vs. USB 4, about USB Power, USB-C and other connectors, USB speed and more. Thank you very much Jit Lim
  • 00:00What this video is about
  • 01:52USB Connector vs. speed
  • 02:52Connector types
  • 06:09Is USB-C today's trend?
  • 08:30Differences between USB 3.0, 3.1, 3.2
  • 13:31Why is the highest transfer speed often not achieved?
  • 18:17History of USB
  • 19:31How did we go from 1.5Mb/s to 5 Gb/s?
  • 21:58What is equalization?
  • 27:47Simple functionality tests
  • 31:37USB C pinout
  • 39:44USB Alternate mode
  • 41:23VCONN voltage
  • 44:13Tunneling mode
  • 46:47USB 4 connector and cable
  • 48:28Power delivery ( USB PD )
  • 51:23Frequently asked questions about USB
  • 52:04Is Type C the same as USB-PD?
  • 52:35Can Type C not implement PD?
  • 54:35Must USB 3.2 implement Type-C?
  • 55:17Does USB 3.2 require PD?
  • 57:19Does USB-PD require Type-C
  • 58:14Can USB 2.0 implement Type-C
  • 1:01:12Is PD bidirectional?
  • 1:04:12Must a charger implement Type-C?
  • 1:04:45How do you tell if a product has PD implemented?
  • 1:08:37Can USB 3.2 implement Type-C?
  • 1:08:44Will PD compliance be mandatory?
  • 1:10:14Type-C PD basic implementation
  • 1:15:39USB-PD full feature implementation
  • 1:25:30Computer and charger USB-PD negotiation
  • 1:33:28USB4 Specification
  • 1:35:52NRZ vs. PAM3
  • 1:37:50How to validate USB interface
  • 1:45:20How to run USB test patterns
  • 1:48:18What do you need to test USB on your board?
  • 1:50:35If you want to test receiver, do you need transmitter / generator?