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What peripherals are the most required in Embedded systems?

We are designing a new board and I was not sure what peripherals we should bring out. You helped me to answer some important questions in our survey. In return, I am going to share the results with you. Some are quite interesting. Thank you!

Until today, we have received 37 responses. In the graphs, the column with BOLD text shows how many people voted for that answer.

The most used peripherals

USB and SD card are the winners of the most used peripherals.
Survey - USB
Survey - SD

The most surprising

Are Wifi and Bluetooth going to be a standard of all the future boards?
Survey - Wifi
Survey - Bluetooth

The interesting ones

RS232 is not as required as it used to be.
Survey - RS232
UART is still very popular.
Survey - UART
Surprisingly, audio is needed quite a lot.
Survey - Audio
To have an Ethernet is an advantage.
Survey - Ethernet

Display outputs

HDMI is getting to be used more and more.
Survey - HDMI Output
Survey - LVDS
Survey - RGB

Video inputs

CSI and MPI Camera inputs are wanted.
Survey - CSI
Survey - MIPI
HDMI and Analog video inputs are used in some applications.
Survey - HDMI input
Survey - Analog Video Input


Looks like most of the boards runs from a single 5V power input.
Survey - Power


It’s important to keep board price is bellow $50 USD.
Survey - Price


Survey - NAND
Survey - SATA
Survey - MMC
Survey - PCIE slot
Survey - miniPCIE
Survey - OTG
Survey - CAN
Survey - SPI
Survey - I2S
Survey - Touchscreen
Survey - I2C
Survey - PWM
Survey - Analog input
Survey - GPIO
Survey - LEDS
Survey - Buttons
Survey - JTAG
Survey - GSM
Survey - GPS
Survey - Compas
Survey - IR
Survey - Step Motor
Survey - Temperature Sensor
Survey - Humidity Sensor