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What is KiCad about? Starting with KiCad …

Everything important you may want to know to start with KiCad.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 01:38Installing & Examples
  • 06:47Starting a project, Creating Schematic Symbol
  • 13:01Creating Footprint
  • 23:22Adding 3D model to footprint
  • 25:12Assigning Footprint to Symbol, Updating Symbol
  • 27:42Drawing Schematic
  • 32:21Importing Schematic into PCB and Placement
  • 33:56Doing Layout
  • 40:10Rules & Settings
  • 41:373D model, Updating Footprint, Assembly layer
  • 44:06DRC Check
  • 46:27Generating outputs: Schematic PDF, Gerbers, Drill File
  • 50:22Generating outputs: Assembly Drawing, Pick & Place, BOM
  • 53:32Thank you