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Using VIA in PAD? What you need to know – Guidelines, dimensions and more …

What is the minimum size of VIA and VIA-in-PAD which I can use in my board? What kind of VIA in PAD I should choose? How much is it going to cost? Everything important about the limits and recommendations of VIAs and VIAs in PAD.
  • 00:00Introduction
  • 01:34Exception PCB
  • 02:16How it started
  • 03:53The answer from Mike
  • 04:18Dimensions
  • 05:01Handling
  • 11:32Registration
  • 13:27Laser Direct Imaging
  • 14:33Minimum VIA
  • 22:38Minimum Size
  • 24:01Limitations
  • 30:30Via in
  • 35:22Air trapped inside VIA
  • 37:21Resin fill systems
  • 38:30Resin filled VIA
  • 39:31Epoxy filled VIA
  • 42:14Eyebrow crack
  • 43:30Using stacked microvias
  • 45:02Filling vias
  • 48:21Conclusion
  • 49:46Whats next
  • 53:44Where to send VIAs
  • 54:49Dimension of VIAs
  • 55:37VIA Types
  • 57:42Plugging