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Tutorial #5: Improving Your PCB Layout and Manufacturing Your Board

A Step by Step tutorial to help everyone to learn how to design and build a simple microcontroller board. This Part 5 is about improving PCB Layout, generating files needed for PCB manufacturing and board assembly and ordering your board.
  • 00:00Improving signals on the bottom layer
  • 12:46Making tracks wider
  • 16:47Improving top layer
  • 24:42Improving Powers, Drawing copper areas
  • 38:40Improving Power planes
  • 49:49Moving & Adjusting planes, GND under Signals
  • 57:26About Impedance
  • 1:02:40Adding text and notes on PCB
  • 1:16:00Creating PCB Panel
  • 1:21:14Generating and Uploading Gerber Files
  • 1:26:05Generating, Adjusting and Uploading BOM and Pick & Place Files
  • 1:38:13Ordering our board
  • 1:42:54Ordering the missing components