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Simple Trick to Improve EMC - Easy Filter Design for Power Supply

Step by step measuring and fixing EMC problem of a power supply.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 01:26Setup to measure EMC of a power supply
  • 03:12The board with EMC problem
  • 04:34What is causing EMC issues of power supplies
  • 11:22How to fix EMC problem by using a filter
  • 15:03What is needed to measure EMC of a power supply
  • 30:03Measuring EMC of power supply
  • 41:34RF wallpaper explained
  • 45:31Inductor on RF wallpaper
  • 49:11Measuring impedance of inductor
  • 54:53Capacitor on RF wallpaper and measured
  • 1:00:52Designing a filter
  • 1:07:13Measuring EMC of power supply with filter
  • 1:09:33Optimizing filter
  • 1:21:19Where to download RF wallpaper
  • 1:21:54About Thomas
  • 1:25:35Visual example to show differential and common mode
  • 1:31:58Common mode effect when touching circuit