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Playing Ping-Pong on a Microcontroller and picture on HDMI monitor

Impossible? Not with OpenRex Watch playing Ping-Pong on NXP LPC1345 and sending picture to HDMI monitor.

Why we are doing this?
Because if you like to create new things, you need to have direct access to pins and peripherals, so you can control them (for example read I2C bus, read a pin level or toggle a GPIO). And, if you have ever tried to write a software under Linux or Windows, very soon you find out, that accessing directly to hardware / pins / peripherals under OS may be very difficult. You need drivers, and without drivers you can not do it. The microcontroller gives you power to control hardware directly, however, they are very limited with graphical output. That’s exactly why we added this support to OpenRex, that is exactly why you can now program microcontroller and send graphical output directly to HDMI monitor. Imagine what you can do with that … use a breadboard, wire up your own hardware, use a HDMI monitor to show the information about your board, status from sensors, display values from AD converter, create a menu to control your hardware or … you can even program your own games.

If you are interested, here is the source code for the microcontroller

On OpenRex, the NXP microcontroller + HDMI output creates your own computer which you have under full control and you can use it to play, learn or create your own new things. Enjoy!

Huge thank you to Marian, who created this awesome software for OpenRex! If you are interested to get your own OpenRex, contact VOIPAC