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PCB Layout – Useful Calculations Which You Maybe Didn’t Know About (with Kenneth Wood)

When you are designing your boards, what calculator do you use and what calculations do you need the most? Thank you very much to Kenneth Wood
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 03:22Conductor properties - maximum current through a track
  • 12:01Fusing current - when a track will burn up
  • 15:20Conductor / Track impedance
  • 31:34Differential pair calculator
  • 36:32Crosstalk calculator
  • 39:02Via Properties - maximum current through a via
  • 42:59Impedance of differential VIAs
  • 45:32Thermal management
  • 48:40PPM XTAL Calculator
  • 54:24OHM's Law calculator
  • 56:24PDN Calculator
  • 59:27Conductor / Track spacing for higher voltages
  • 1:02:05Mechanical information
  • 1:04:19Er Effective + Wavelength calculator
  • 1:08:51XL XC Reactance + Planar inductor + Embedded resistors
  • 1:13:08Bandwidth and Max conductor length (when to consider a track to be transmission line)
  • 1:16:39Padstack / Footprint calculator + Conversion calculator