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Learn to Design your own OS booting ARM board

Everyone interested to have the slides from my presentation at the Hacker Dojo in Silicon Valley, can download them here:

Download “Learn to Design your own OS booting ARM board” ppt file here.

Content: Part 1

  • Projects
  • What is important when starting a newARM design?
  • Selecting components for a board running an operating system
  • Tips for ARM Schematic design
  • PCB Stackup & Impedances
  • PCB Stackup & Impedances (Calculation)
  • The most common High Speed Design Rules
  • iMX6 DDR3 layout and length matching
  • T-branch vs. Fly-by
  • DDR3 read / write leveling
  • Memory length matching spreadsheet
  • Memory Layout example in Altium

Content: Part 2

  • How does ARM boots?
  • How to setup a machine for ARM code compilation
  • How to compile bootloader
  • How to modify bootloader
  • Bootloader compilation example
  • Bootloader commands
  • How to build a Linux Kernel
  • How to prepare a File system
  • Steps to bring your board to life
  • DDR3 calibration
  • Board testing and HW verification
  • Thank you