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Learn Altium Essentials – Doing PCB Layout (Lesson 4)

Lesson 4 from the Learn Altium Essentials Course which I have created for you! Enjoy!
  • 00:00Hide component reference designators
  • 00:27Split window, Cross select Mode
  • 01:10Reposition components – ISL6236
  • 01:58Showing windows with PCB Filter / Inspector
  • 02:20Setting up grid, switching off nets, customize toolbar
  • 03:34Start reposition with the BOOT components
  • 04:02Setting up rules: Component clearance
  • 05:10Reposition components – ILIM, VREF3, REF
  • 06:10Reposition components – FB, RFIN
  • 07:40Reposition components – POK, EN LDO, EN
  • 08:40Reposition components – ISL6236 power
  • 11:15Reposition components – Transistors, Inductors, Capacitors
  • 13:20Reposition components – Pads
  • 14:38Creating layer sets: Top, Bottom, Top & Bottom
  • 16:28Do not show grid, Highlight net, Highlight intensity
  • 18:05Placement optimization – BOTTOM
  • 23:02Setting up rules: Clearance, Width
  • 24:05Drawing layout: Preliminary connections on Bottom layer
  • 27:31Assigning a color to a net (GND)
  • 28:40Setting up the board stackup
  • 30:26Placement optimization – TOP
  • 33:11Setting up VIA: default, Routing style, Hole size
  • 35:14Placing VIAs
  • 36:18Copy and paste layout, snapping point
  • 37:53Backspace deletes more segments
  • 38:08Connecting rest of the signals
  • 47:44Show all connections, connect everything (GND, VIN, …)
  • 57:05Checking for violations and fixing them
  • 59:34End of Part 4