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Laser – How does it work? Can you build one at home? | Zachariah Peterson

Curious about how things work? This video is about Lasers.
  • 00:00What this video is about
  • 00:21Can you build a laser at home? Where lasers are used
  • 06:23How does a laser work
  • 27:13About mirrors
  • 31:19Materials, Pictures of real lasers, About protection glasses
  • 48:42Industrial laser example
  • 54:17Laser LED - semiconductor laser
  • 1:00:45How to control what goes out of a laser - Pockels cell
  • 1:06:53Powering up lasers
  • 1:20:20Laser diode - basic circuits
  • 1:31:05Creating laser pulses with optics
  • 1:40:17Random lasers
  • 1:43:19If someone really would like to build a laser ...