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Is This The Future of Drawing Schematic And Doing PCB Layout?

An interesting way to design boards - writing code.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 02:06Why to design boards through code
  • 07:01DDR example
  • 11:53Starting a new project
  • 28:48Import to Altium
  • 30:46About JITX
  • 33:36Benefits of designing boards by writing code
  • 37:36Designing a voltage regulator
  • 48:57Check report
  • 52:44Libraries
  • 58:10How does it work
  • 1:07:53Routing
  • 1:11:09Placement
  • 1:14:26Length matching
  • 1:19:36Keyboard example
  • 1:29:43Back to the DDR example