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How To Simulate Your Power Supply | Explained by Benjamin Dannan

Setting up simulation of a power supply, comparing the results with real measurements and fixing the real power supply.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 00:48How power supply is simulated
  • 03:59About the regulator and our setup we used as an example
  • 06:45Model of power supply for simulation
  • 09:25Where to get parameters for the model
  • 14:28How to measure parameters for model and simulation
  • 20:29Explaining the blocks used in the simulation
  • 28:28What is inside of the power supply model main block
  • 34:48Transient vs. harmonics simulation
  • 39:44Running and results for a simulation without board effects
  • 46:49Comparing with real results and fixing the simulation
  • 47:51Adding real board effects into simulation of power supply
  • 50:20Simulating with board effects
  • 52:15Fixing the problem in power supply
  • 1:01:19What Ben does
  • 1:01:48DesignCon