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How to move object in 3D software by Magnetometer, Accelerometer, Gyro data – Blender 3D Visualization

Did you know, that you can use data from sensors like Magnetometer, Accelerometer or Gyro to control a 3D object in 3D software?

It’s very simple to do. In this video I am showing how you can use data from magnetometer sensor to rotate object in Blender 3D software. The same way you can visualize data from Accelerometer or Gyro, you can use them to control a 3D object or you can simply just see if all your calculations are correct and if the virtual object is behaving exactly the same as the real board.
  • 04:36put here the 3d view
  • 05:15press the middle button on your mouse
  • 11:38run the application on your own board
  • 15:28rotate around z axis