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How to design boards that work the first time

About how to design boards that you can sell to your customers as the very first version.
  • 00:00Intro
  • 02:12Why this topics
  • 04:06You may be asking: Why should I listen to this guy?
  • 07:26Import reference schematics
  • 10:03Use the same pinout / connections as in the reference circuit
  • 14:19Build simple test circuits
  • 17:17Add bypass resitors, pull ups & downs, optional components into your schematic
  • 21:39Check, double check and triple check your libraries
  • 27:28Go through schematic check and layout check documents
  • 29:31Take time to browse and check your schematic
  • 36:52Once placement is ready, build a paper model
  • 40:41Reuse reference layout
  • 43:09Read and follow design guides
  • 44:43If, during layout, you have to break important rules, simulate
  • 46:12Imagine what will happen when you connect your board to powever. Imagine what you are going to do when you receive your first prototype.
  • 51:10Do not do silly mistakes!