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How to Design and Build Your Own Idea - Example: A Magic Wand (with Samson March)

What idea have you built and you are most proud of? PS: Thank you very much Samson March
  • 00:00About this video
  • 03:30What projects to work on
  • 05:24Step 1: How it is going to look
  • 10:50Step 2: Testing idea with reference boards
  • 21:42About how Bluetooth works
  • 29:53Step 3: Schematic & PCB Design
  • 52:23About PCB Manufacturing & Assembly
  • 1:05:23Step 4: 3D model
  • 1:16:54Step 5: Making - About CNC proces
  • 1:35:59Designing the Mains Plug (Schematic, PCB, Housing)
  • 1:40:17About AC to DC (230V to 5V) converter
  • 1:47:11Flammability in 230V designs
  • 1:51:12Thank you