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How To Design a FLEX PCB | Stackup & Rules | Example in Altium

If you have some tips for FLEX PCB design, please leave them in comments. Thank you.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 02:29FLEX PCB materials and stackups
  • 04:58Stiffener in FLEX PCB
  • 05:56About the FLEX PCB in this video
  • 13:01Deciding on a FLEX PCB stackup which to use in your board
  • 17:40Creating a FLEX PCB stackup in Altium
  • 25:26Designing a FLEX PCB in Altium
  • 33:22Layout rules for FLEX PCBs ( track width, clearance, via, hole, ....)
  • 38:52The files needed for FLEX PCB manufacturing