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How to Create & Use Components in Altium 365 and Concord PRO (Step-by-Step)

This tutorial explains how to work with components in Altium365 and in Concord Pro
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 01:08How it all works
  • 05:52Creating Symbol
  • 11:25Creating Footprint
  • 13:17Creating Component Template
  • 18:05Creating Component
  • 27:36About Component Types
  • 29:40Creating Test project
  • 31:52Working with ActiveBOM
  • 33:08Setting up Value in Symbol
  • 34:33Making changes in Symbol
  • 38:49Making changed in Footprint
  • 40:05About History
  • 43:32About Component Lifecycle
  • 46:50Component Lifecycle
  • 51:42State vs Stage in Lifecycle
  • 56:26Why it has to be so complicated?
  • 58:12Thank you for watching