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How To Create Difficult FPGA Designs with CPU, MCU, PCIE, ( with Adam Taylor )

A video about how to use processor, microcontroller or interfaces such PCIE on FPGA.
  • 00:00What this video is about
  • 02:20How are the complex FPGA designs created and how it works
  • 21:47Creating PCIE FPGA project
  • 47:57Creating software for MicroBlaze MCU
  • 55:34Practical FPGA example with ZYNQ and image processing
  • 1:11:38Software example for ZYNQ
  • 1:21:22How FPGA logic analyzer ( ila ) works
  • 1:31:30Running Linux on FPGA
  • 1:40:36How to write drivers and application to use FPGA on PC