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How To Create a Test For Your Boards – Everything essential you need to know (with Sean Hadley)

What is your best tip for board testing? What did you find very useful? Thank you Sean Hadley
  • 00:00Intro
  • 07:20Test Jigs
  • 10:34castellated edges
  • 11:51what you need
  • 12:44serial number
  • 21:44schematics
  • 23:02code examples
  • 24:46entry level GUI
  • 25:58placement of test points
  • 28:28board holders
  • 32:29clocks
  • 34:22voltages
  • 37:11test points
  • 40:07dissolve pins
  • 41:05language
  • 43:14Python
  • 50:43Making your own test
  • 52:44Making your own plexiglass
  • 54:19Making your own cradle