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7 TIPS How to Become a Good Hardware Design Engineer

I have received couple of emails where readers of this blog ask me the same question:

How to become a good hardware design engineer?

This is what works for me:
  • Work on as many different designs as you can
    With each new design you will get new experience.
  • Take challenges
    With each new challenge your knowledge and experience grows rapidly.
  • Learn from design guides
    Design guides don’t go into details, but are very practical and – they work!
  • Learn from solving problems
    Problems can’t be solved without understanding how things work.
  • Minimise potential risks
    Stay as close to reference / existing designs as you can. This not only minimise HW risk, but also speeds up software development.
  • Check your work, double check, triple check
    Check it from different views and angles. I do really a lot of checking.
  • If you feel you are not learning, find a new job
    With a new job you will be working on completely different designs – getting new experience and skills for your CV.