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How Much Current Will Destroy a PCB Track? | Track resistance measurements

Measuring and burning PCB tracks.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 02:11Measuring resistance - the setup
  • 03:28How to estimate track resistance
  • 10:39Measuring track resistance by ohmmeter
  • 17:28The problem when measuring low resistance by ohmmeter
  • 19:36Four wire resistance measurement
  • 24:17Measuring very small resistance - increasing current
  • 30:47Measuring 6mil (0.15mm) PCB track resistance
  • 37:12How much current a 6mil track can handle?
  • 46:38Burning PCB track
  • 50:37Power planes
  • 53:27Multiple power planes
  • 57:14Kelvin method measurement