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How Does Copper Get Inside of a VIA Hole in Your PCB – Do you know this? (with Kailey Shara)

Do you know why PCB Manufacturer may use tin to protect tracks and VIAs when your PCB is manufactured? Do you know how exactly PCB VIA plating is done?
  • 00:03Intro
  • 02:36How a Pcb Is Manufactured
  • 04:25Remove the Drill Smear
  • 06:00Electro Plating
  • 06:46Electro Less Plating
  • 07:01Electroless Plating
  • 08:04How Do You Get Copper To Stick to Fiberglass
  • 09:31Micro Etch
  • 12:14Silver Has a Higher Redox Potential than Tin
  • 15:43Accelerator Bath
  • 19:14Board after Electroless Plating
  • 20:27Electron Lighting and Electroplating
  • 23:43Electroplating
  • 28:40Protect the Copper inside the via Barrels during Etching
  • 29:57Copper Plating
  • 30:41Electroplating Tin
  • 33:18Bad Plating
  • 36:29Chemicals That Are Added to the Electroless Bath
  • 42:33The Electroplating
  • 46:35Bare Bones Pcbs
  • 59:46Electroplated Gold
  • 1:03:20Microvias Edge Plating and Castellated Holes
  • 1:09:24Edge Plating
  • 1:15:24Can You Do Plating at Home
  • 1:16:54Equipment