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How Do You Connect Fiber Optics To a Chip? Do you know how?

How is optical signal processed inside of chips. Thank you very much Ashkan Seyedi
  • 00:00What this video is about
  • 01:43Is optics in chips becoming a standard?
  • 04:04Optics vs. Copper vs. Speed vs. Loss vs. Cost ...
  • 08:21Where / How are optical circuits used?
  • 10:20Planar light circuits - traces for light
  • 14:56Why do we need traces for optical circuits?
  • 17:34Types of optical links
  • 21:33Getting optical signal to react to electrical input
  • 22:47Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
  • 24:55Influencing / Controlling the light phase
  • 31:13How many laser sources can be used?
  • 35:46Optical transceiver standards - DR4, FR4, ZR4, ...
  • 39:05DWDM standard
  • 42:20Crosstalk in optics
  • 44:51Modulating in optics
  • 48:01Optical hardware - Optical engine
  • 51:25Can you have VIAs in Optical circuit?
  • 52:35How does optical engine / hardware looks like
  • 55:01What Ahskan does
  • 57:45Optical computing
  • 1:00:11Simulation tools and courses