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Everything Important About OP AMP (Operational amplifier)

Op-amps explained: how they work and what are their important parameters.
  • 00:00What is this video about
  • 00:29Why to use operational amplifier
  • 02:21Ideal op amp
  • 07:00How inverting op amp works
  • 12:13How non-inverting op amp works
  • 13:25Op amp working as a buffer
  • 15:42Op amp working as a current reference
  • 20:09Input offset voltage
  • 28:15Input offset voltage simulation
  • 30:50Input offset voltage measurement
  • 35:04Input bias current
  • 37:20Input bias current measurement
  • 41:00Op-amp Bandwidth
  • 43:59Op-amp Bandwidth measurement
  • 48:50Op-amp Bandwidth simulation
  • 50:23Operational amplifier slew rate
  • 51:28Slew rate simulation
  • 53:07Slew rate measurement
  • 55:48Slew rate impact to sinusoidal output
  • 1:00:28Op amp noise
  • 1:07:38Op amp noise measurement
  • 1:10:57Op amp noise simulation
  • 1:15:36Input and output voltage swing
  • 1:16:45Common mode range
  • 1:19:14Common mode range simulation
  • 1:20:04Common mode range measurement
  • 1:22:31Op amp output range
  • 1:28:17Op-amp stability
  • 1:29:59Op-amp stability simulation
  • 1:32:20Op-amp stability measurement
  • 1:38:51pH Electrometer solution - practical example
  • 1:46:19Measuring pH