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How long Schematic design and PCB layout take – Check here

I would like to share some statistics about hardware development. The results can be applied to your projects too.

Picture: Time needed for my latest Hardware development project (in percentage)
Facts from the project
  • Schematic design (95h)
    • 72h drawing the schematic
    • 23h schematic checking
  • PCB design (215h)
    • 15h placement
    • 50h connecting nets (excluding DDR3)
    • 95h DDR3 design (routing (35h), length matching (50h), checking(10h))
    • 20h Improving layout
    • 35h Assembly drawings, stackup, 3D modeling, …
  • The work around components – ordering information, availability, footprints, … (50h)
All the information was taken from my work summary sheet. The work summary document is generated from ProjectAndTask.com which I use to track down my time.

What’s your experience? Do you agree with these numbers?