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Designing a PCB patch antenna for WiFi and Bluetooth | KiCad | Philip Salmony

Calculating and designing a simple PCB antenna. Can you guess how big is it?
  • 00:00What this video is about
  • 00:09What microstrip pcb patch antenna is
  • 04:38Er and calculating Eeff (effective permittivity)
  • 07:24Calculating length of pcb patch antenna
  • 10:04Online Calculator to get size of patch antenna
  • 11:20Calculating width
  • 16:37The feed of a PCB antenna
  • 19:31Calculating quarter-wave transformer
  • 25:18Ground plane under pcb antenna
  • 27:39Finished PCB antenna
  • 30:06PCB antenna used on a board
  • 37:17Schematic
  • 43:06PCB Antenna Footprint