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Designing a FLEX PCB? You Need To Know This ….

Everything important you need to know when designing FLEX PCBs. Explained by Ata Syed
  • 00:00What this video is about
  • 01:32What is Stiffener
  • 03:14What is Coverlay
  • 05:36Soldermask on Flex PCB
  • 07:44Adhesive
  • 11:35Favourite stackup?
  • 18:39Copper in Flex PCB
  • 23:53Strain relief
  • 26:56Preventing FLEX PCB cracking
  • 29:25Bend radius
  • 34:33Teardrops
  • 39:49Routing - sharp corners and angles
  • 42:50Space out equally
  • 45:42Shift tracks between layers, gold fingers coverlay
  • 49:07Overlapping coverlay and stiffer
  • 51:00Documentation for FLEX PCB manufacturing
  • 53:47Aluminum stiffer
  • 57:04Via 20mil from stiffener edge
  • 57:41Stiffener with holes (+ plating)
  • 1:02:37Holes in corners
  • 1:04:39Cross hatched vs Solid GND planes in FLEX PCB
  • 1:09:10Shielding
  • 1:10:41Finishing
  • 1:12:05Gold fingers finishing
  • 1:14:13How a four layer FLEX is made
  • 1:15:20About 3 layer and odd layer FLEX PCBs
  • 1:17:11Layer and thickness limitations
  • 1:19:552mil spacing
  • 1:22:35Copper plating vs. FLEX
  • 1:26:59Buried VIAs and FLEX
  • 1:28:27uVIAs in FLEX
  • 1:29:17Minimum Trace and Space on FLEX PCB
  • 1:30:46Minimum VIA and about holes
  • 1:34:08About Panelization
  • 1:35:14About FLEX PCB manufacturing process
  • 1:38:04How stiffeners are applied on FLEX