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Asking Peter with 100 000+ students: How to Learn Electronics and Programming? | Peter Dalmaris

What would you recommend, how to learn electronics and programming? Where to start and what to do next?
  • 00:00What this video is about
  • 00:35Arduino
  • 03:51Keeping it interesting
  • 08:39Python - codecademy
  • 10:46grok
  • 20:16Online courses
  • 27:28What to learn after Arduino
  • 29:27ESP32, IoT
  • 42:04MicroPython
  • 48:15Raspberry Pi
  • 59:36Robotics and Mechanics
  • 1:09:11KiCAD, Tinkercad
  • 1:14:15Fusion 360, FreeCAD