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4 companies I found useful during HW Design

Those are the companies which helped me a lot during my latest x86 design. You may find them useful too:
Exception – PCB manufacturing
They saved me! Plan was to make my PCB at a Korean company, but after 6 weeks of waiting I have been told, they can not make it. Exception delivered the PCB within 16 days for price comparable with the Korean company. Excellent communication.
Firstcut – CNC Machining Service
Firstcut made for me a custom heatsink. I like the simplicity – Just upload a 3D file, get a quote (almost instantly), pay and within one week you have your component. Great service!
AMSET – Assembly house
AMSET built the first prototypes for me – with no mistake. For new design, it is extremely important to build the first boards with no mistake. There are 1327 components on the board and any error could mean weeks of my work spent with looking for the problem. The prototypes booted up to Windows 7 at the same day as boards were delivered. Well done!
The best company to buy components from. From 198 different TYPES of components I bought 186 in one order from DigiKey. They saved me years!
Big Thank you.