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Mounting holes with grounding

marco_svizzeri , 03-09-2021, 12:48 AM
Hello everyone.

I'm curious about what is the best way to create mounting holes with grounding vias.

There is no problem with creating a plated/non-plated mounting hole. It just needs to create a padstack and add it to the mechanical symbol and additionally Route Keepout and Package Keepout areas and it's done.

My first approach to create a mounting hole with vias was by creating a mechanical mounting hole padstack with the diameter of 3.2 mm with such properties

Drill hole typ - Circle
Drill diameter - 3.2mm
Hole/slot plating - plated

Design layers - Begin/Default/End - 3.4 mm

Then, I created a footprint as a package symbol. Around the footprint, I added an Etch layer on two sides (top and bottom) and 8 vias (0.4mm drill diameter, 0.8 mm layers)
The maroon circle is a Package Keepout layer.

That's how it looks like right now.

Even if add plated mounting hole, there is no connection between plating (1) and layers (2).

How do you deal with creating such mounting holes? What is, in your opinion, the best way to create a proper mounting hole with grounding?

I'm not going to use any paid tools which would do that for me.
mohsin_qau , 03-11-2021, 12:47 AM
Yes this is the best way to design the Mounting holes with Ground vias. It doesn't matter weather you use plated/non plated Holes. If you want to use these holes for GND or Shield, then use them as plated. Otherwise no need for plating.
robertferanec , 03-11-2021, 04:40 AM
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